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Wise Registry Cleaner Review

Wise Registry Cleaner is another Windows registry cleaner that is very efficient, and quite user-friendly too. It is a registry cleaner that can swiftly clean up scattered and damaged registry entries in your Windows operating system, and even optimize the registry database.

The Windows Registry is basically a database which stores all information about your personal computer. It essentially stores program and device settings of both the user and the computer, and these can be accessed any time it needs to. Overtime, the registry becomes more cluttered because of malware, badly-written programs that don’t clean up the registry, and other uninstalled applications that leave a lot of junk in the database. Wise Registry Cleaner basically keeps the database in tip-top shape.

One of the pros of the Wise Registry Cleaner is that it has a user-friendly interface that even a newbie can understand. It is quite easy to install, and really fast for an application of its kind. It even features technical support.

Eventhough it has fantastic feedback from reviews, users are generally miffed about the “Ask” button it automatically installs in Internet browsers such as Explorer and Firefox. Wise Registry Cleaner doesn’t have that “Don’t Install” option during the installation phase.

Click here for more information on Wise Registry Cleaner.

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  • 1 jackuars

    I use different kinds of softwares in my computer and test them. So i am thinking that there is a lot of orphaned entries in my registry due to uninstallation of many programs, deleting those which may improve computer performance. So i was thinking to use Wise registry cleaner which is praised for its excellent work and Gizmo freeware reviews rated it best free registry cleaner.

  • 2 Alex Michael

    I’ve been using for several months and worked fine in my machine. I use Pro version n love cool black skin.
    I use once a month.

    My advices :

    1.Let default setting do scan your registry.(leave IEurl History n Emptykeys unchecked) .
    2.Before you do,back up & create restore point checked. ;)

    I’ve been thinking RegCure or Registry Mechanic.They both are my top recommendations.

  • 3 Chiron

    Wise Registry Cleaner likes a weapon, for people who have experienced it’s a very powerful and easy to use tool, it may not be good for the novice to use.(because it’s too difficult to use for novice :) )

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