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Registry Mechanic Review

Considered as one of the best registry cleaners available nowadays, Registry Cleaner has been a popular editor’s pick from different software review websites looking for great registry cleaners. Basing it on performance, popularity, and feature, this registry cleaner can definitely be number one among hundreds of other Windows registry cleaning software available. But is Registry Mechanic still considered as the best registry cleaner available? Let’s find out:

Why Registry Mechanic is Still the Best?

With a detection algorithm that can effectively find out invalid and missing references on the registry of your Windows system, and with the cleaning, repair, and optimization features offered by Registry Mechanic, you can still never go wrong in choosing this software for your registry cleaning needs.

Additional features and services also add up to the greatness of this registry cleaner. With free customer support, an additional registry defragment capability, a money back guarantee, and an intuitive interface that’s easy to use, Registry Mechanic is still undoubtedly the best registry cleaner available.

Why it’s Not?

Other registry cleaners have also gained popularity and have become top choice for most Windows users. Since there are already tons of other great registry cleaners available, deciding which registry cleaner is the best will now mainly depend on the users.

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20 responses so far!

  • 1 Caktus

    I’ve found RM to be both safe and reliable and still use it even after the subcription ran out. But have found RegSeeker as mentioned by tomron much more thorough, + it’s free. Both can be set to create backups.

  • 2 BlueWolf

    Amazing software. It works well with Advanced Uninstaller PRO. The new registry monitor makes me feel very safe and it works really well with windows X64 emulation also. Advanced Uninstaller PRO seemed to find additional problems that Registry Mechanic didn’t find but it’s definitely a handy piece of software to add to your recovery-collection.

  • 3 dusty

    yes a nice piece of software to add in everyones recovery and problem solving sectio

  • 4 chuachunmin

    I thought Registry Mechanic is 1 of the best registry cleaner around? I used it a couple of years ago and it didn’t give me any problem.

  • 5 BeardedKirklander

    I have Norton Win Doctor, Easy Cleaner, CCleaner and now Registry Mechanic and I will probably be running all 4 of them, as each one seems to find and fix different problems.

  • 6 Bjproc

    I already have registry Mechanic, but this will be an early birthday present for my brother :)

  • 7 sockeye

    After running this utility, I was a bit skeptical about pushing the repair button…..527 problems. But I hadn’t done a reformat on this computer in 4 years, and have upgraded the hard drive twice.
    I did a system backup, closed my eyes and pushed the button, and I’m happy to report that everything runs fine, and I definately see an improvement in, speed of boot up, and system performance.

  • 8 Super-Antivirus

    I couldn’t be any happier with their product; Registry Mechanic! This useful tool promotes computer optimizer, computer cleanup, and other useful tools. This is coming from a happy customer. =)

  • 9 froggit1273

    i like their registy scanner…BUT id have to say reg cure finds more…sorry PC tools but you cant win them all eh?

  • 10 virusbomber2k7

    Their products are very good. Spyware Doctor sometimes has problems with other Anti Viruses, But their registry cleaner in Desktop Maestro speeded my computer up, But don’t be stupid and delete any registry error it finds or you’ll find yourself re-installing windows from scratch

  • 11 xrator2007

    Registry mechanic is great though have used that for a few years.

  • 12 eschilo

    I’m a customer since 2004 and use Registry Mechanic with satisfaction and without payment problems.

  • 13 ktower

    I have been using Registry Mechanic for a long time and have to say that I do like it a lot. Recently I installed PConPoint and it seems to do a much deeper scan and repair than Registry Mechanic. I am wondering if you have had any experiance with it? And if so what has your experiance been good or bad? And how would you rate it?


  • 14 bigmike7

    Perfect Disk 8 – Registry Mechanic – cCleaner -eh!!

  • 15 golfpro

    I know you said you wanted a free cleaner, but I have tried these before, and non of them worked very well. So a few years ago I installed Registry Mechanic and have never looked back, its fantastic. OK you have to pay but its well worth it. Its got me out of the shit many times.

  • 16 MadTechie

    If you don’t mind using IE then OneCare is free and does a clean up (including registry cleaner)..

    for a Paid for Application I use Registry Mechanic, its worked well,

  • 17 BillyA.

    I found that ‘Registry Mechanic’ is an excellant tool for cleaning and optimizibg the registry. Give the pro series a free try for a few weeks and if you like it… buy it.

  • 18 Deney

    I use Registry Mechanic, (which seems the “best” on Lighthouses searches) and although I don’t notice a different, and neither will any one else, I’m a clean freak, I do scans for fun etc haha, and I hate anything I don’t need on my PC. And it’s good to see Reg Mechanic delete Temporary Files/Shortcuts, because I hate these types of files which will never ever get used, even if they are only 1kb each! Also I like to run it afted I have deleted something as ofthen files are left over, etc.

  • 19 Lighthouse

    I am like you Deney. I do not want anyting that isn’t needed, on my hard disk.

    Unfortunately Registry Mechanic, you have to pay for. I was lucky to get mine when they were giving it away free for a month at the end of last year. So it’s not the latest version, but it’s good

  • 20 butchiedog

    Registry Mechanic is very good and well worth paying for. The freebies mainly just find the easiest things they can handle and some add a number of fictitious results to look impressive, like they are really doing something. You get what you pay for or don’t pay for in the end.


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