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Registry Easy Review

If you’re unhappy with the performance of your PC, take this brief quiz. Is it constantly slowing down? Does it frequently crash? Does it always generating error messages? If you answered yes to these questions, then you need a registry cleaner like Registry Easy to fix the errors in your computer’s registry and improve its performance. This software is not only one of the most powerful registry cleaners available on the market, it also boasts of a wide range of utilities that will optimize the performance of your system and make browsing the Internet safer.

Registry Easy will clean out registry errors, junk files, duplicate files and any other unnecessary files that could be cluttering up your registry and preventing your computer from performing at its best. It also comes with a variety of utilities to ensure your system is working at its best such as a file splitter and joiner feature that breaks up large files into smaller components and reassembles them when needed, a file recovery utility that recovers all files of a particular prefix without altering them and an IE manager that allows you to easily customize the settings of your browser to make it more secure.

If you’re interested in trying out Registry Easy, you can now download a free trial version from their website.

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  • 1 phantazy

    Tiny program, takes backups, and is efficient:

  • 2 dlsimo

    I’ve used Registry Easy for a couple of years and I’m quite happy with it.

  • 3 TechGeek

    I would recommend Registry Easy, if you don’t mind to pay…

    Free Registry Cleaner will take some time before they support new O.S. well…

  • 4 supertechnogeek

    I still think Registry Easy offers the most features.

    I only recommend Registry Mechanic if you are already PC Tools customer, although I use registry mechanic for pass 18 months, and kinda like it until I found Registry Easy…

  • 5 wpk

    i’ve bought registryeasy a week ago but i found nothing wrong with this software. it makes my pc even better and faster than before.

  • 6 EliseNeal2008

    Before using this program, I thought registry is one of the extremely important parts of computer. Since I know little about registry, I should have made no operation against it. I considered any operation would result in system crashing, freezing or something like these. However, I change my mind after using this fantastic program. Not only does this program help me with solving the pop-ups, which has long time annoying me by repairing registry errors, but also provides me with some other extra useful features like Startup Manager, Program Uninstaller, System Tweak and more. Although I am still a somewhat novice to registry, RegsitryEasy is easy enough for me to operate. Besides, I don’t think this program need repetitive ur money for registering it, once registered, you can use it free as many as you like. And it just really takes effect with on effort on your part.

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