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Registry Booster Review

Registry Booster takes care of the much maligned system registry of your PC. For those who don’t know about it, the system registry records all the configurations and settings that your computer needs. Once your registry becomes convoluted and disorganized because of various system changes, you will experience PC slowdown because it takes a longer time for your applications to retrieve the necessary information from your system registry.

Fortunately, the Registry Booster is here to fix all those problems. What this program does is that it analyzes your system registry, looking for obsolete, corrupt, or unused registry values. Once the program has found all of these problems (in some PC’s, this figure can reach thousands!), you are given the option to back up these registry values before fixing them.

The program does all the work for you. One click searches through your registry library, and another click fixes all the errors. Registry maintenance has never been this easy. You don’t even have to know any of the technical terms associated with this process, as the program handles all that for you.

The Registry Booster is an easy and effective way for your PC’s registry maintenance. It is a very useful addition to any PC, giving it new life as the speed of the PC is regained.

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4 responses so far!

  • 1 Carson

    I don’t know about Registry Booster but I’ve been using Registry Winner for a long time to fix windows registry. It cleans up dead shortcuts, links and other junk left behind after deletions, uninstalls, etc. I guess Registry Booster must be something similar?

  • 2 tesori BP

    As soon as I installed it, my computer ran slower…

  • 3 Clamraker

    I used to use registry booster and it wrecked my computer’s registry. To be honest it doesn’t do very much either.

  • 4 ColPeters

    Scan is free, but u need to buy it before fixing all the problems.

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