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PC Tools Antivirus Review

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  • 1 Vladimyr

    For home use, I would first choose Avast or Avira ( I haven’t tried Avira 9 yet) before AVG 8.5 Free or PC Tools 6.0. I find both the latter slow the PCs more noticeably.
    For free Commercial use, I think PCTAV 6.0 has a better AV component than Comodo’s, and it bothers the user less. Comodo AV doesn’t do too much but it also doesn’t tax system resources very much while doing it.

  • 2 mjq424

    PC Tools Antivirus standalone is not fantastic (it is free though), but their Spyware Doctor is very good. I have heard that AV-Comparatives may by testing the combined Spyware Doctor with Antivirus, which should be pretty good

  • 3 El Dutche

    Well, some people who used PC Tools Antivirus told me that it’s not fantastic, but it’s not bad.

  • 4 Quilljar

    I have used PC Tools freeware for about four years now and found iy
    consistently reliable. It is frequently recommended in UK Computer mags.

  • 5 Podubxy

    I was using the PC Tools suite for a while, figuring that when they added anti-virus capability to SpywareDoctor that had to be a good combination.

  • 6 Farmand

    The FREE version SUCKS, but the payed version ROCKS..

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