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CyberDefender Review

Every time your computer goes online, it becomes vulnerable to viruses and spyware. These malicious programs will not only compromise the integrity of your computer, they also leave it vulnerable to hackers who want to steal vital personal information. Even worse, you can unknowingly spread viruses to your friends and family. But you can protect your computer with the right virus removal software that will detect threats before they can harm your system.

CyberDefender anti-virus software offers a wide variety of ways to protect your computer from infection by malware, from its earlySPAM feature that filters e-mail spam which may contain malware to its earlySCAM technology that warns you against phising sites that steal passwords and account information.

To ensure that your protection is up-to-date, CyberDefender’s earlyMONITOR feature instantly provides you with the newest updates from Microsoft on patches and fixes, as well as keeping track of personal information that can be stolen by hackers and ensuring that it remains secure. And its proprietary earlyNETWORK technology allows it to stay ahead of hackers by instantly reporting new threats that it finds anywhere in its network and creating fixes for them that are instantaneously available to all its customers.

If you would like to try CyberDefender for yourself to see how it can protect your computer, you can download a free evaluation copy from their website.

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7 responses so far!

  • 1 TitusRX

    I recently used Cyberdefender to get rid of the w32.Gamma virus, and it worked great. I even bought the upgrade. As far as Cyberdefender goes, they actually were really good and very professional, and they got that adware.virtumonde update out really fast!

  • 2 ha1457

    I used to use their antivirus engine when It was free. It used to work fine and didnt slowed the pc. Now their security is a shareware

  • 3 alicein1derville

    I have been using Cyberdefender now for about two and a half months and it is still working great. I continued to search for a while for anything faster, but have yet to find anything. I finally just gave up because Cyberdefender had been working so well.

  • 4 Kenny

    It works well with my PC.

  • 5 scifi2nite

    I like Cyberdefender – it’s really a great program, not to mention the 24/7 help support, which is really great, I mean, I don’t have to worry if I have any computer problems, I just call them – It’s awesome.

  • 6 dem2go

    I liked Cyberdefender as it seems to be a more complete package, covering anti-virus, trojans, spyware, id theft protection.

  • 7 twinky

    I have been using Cyberdefender ( Spyware Removal from CyberDefender Internet Security: offering virus scan and anti-spyware downloads ) on my Win XP system, and I have been really happy with it.

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