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Avg Virus Cleaner Review

Millions of people choose AVG Virus Cleaner as their antivirus for their computers. Moreover, it does not mean that this particular virus cleaner is the best there is since there are different factors available that can become the reasons why a lot of people choose AVG over other antivirus software available that can be better in terms of performance and other factors.


AVG Virus Cleaner is both available in premium and free versions. The free version of this cleaner is one of the most downloaded virus cleaners online and it is also the most used. Moreover, its premium version lags behind other popular premium antivirus in terms of downloads and overall performance.


When it comes to performance, it is advised that you get your hands on the premium version of the AVG virus cleaner for ensured protection. The free version has its certain limits that can be quite of a letdown when you are in search for the best virus protection available.


Both the free and the premium version of AVG virus cleaner have simple and easy to use designs. The user-friendly interface can accommodate both beginners and advanced users. You won’t have any troubles at all navigating and unleashing the full potential of the cleaner.

Overall an AVG Virus cleaner might just be what you need to protect your computer against unwanted harms caused by viruses. Compared to the free version, the premium version can offer you better protection against viruses.

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  • 1 cwrobin

    I hve been using AVG for over 2 years now and the new version is very nice and very competitve in features with other virus protection packages. Also, since installing AVG my system has not fallen prey to any virus activity whereas the systems with Norton and McAfee where I work and are kept full up to date have been the victim of several successful virus infections.

  • 2 belindawolf

    Two weeks ago my computer crashed. After having it fixed, I installed AVG Free Edition, and it found two Trojan worms, which were not detected before. kk

  • 3 pateldecabotine

    AVG is one of the best antivirus progs out there, if not the best.
    Up til now, I have used avast, norton, mcafee.
    AVG is the only one that detected viruses, which went completely unnoticed to the others, yes including norton. Not the best interface I admit. But who cares, an excellent antivirus prog indeed.

  • 4 dalmiroy2k

    While Clamwin it’s the best AV available, it doesn’t support resident antivirus monitoring.
    So if that is important for you, get AVG, a simple, usefull and freeware AV solution.

  • 5 hugh750

    I Downloaded This Version Of Avg Anti Virus Yesterday ANd It Works beautifully,I Highly Recommend Avg Over Norton Anti Virus Because Avg Does All That Norton Does Plus It’s Not A System Resource Hog.

  • 6 gkar

    The main reason I began using AVG years ago was that it was free. Then I discovered it was one of the few that did not require Internet Explorer to be installed for it to run (unlike almost every other AV program) because I use programs that strip out Internet Explorer (98Lite, XPLite, Nlite). On this basis alone I purchased the Pro version and support their efforts. To the best of my knowlege I have never had a virus while running AVG over the years. They answer emails, regular updates, low resource usage, no need to have I/E installed, free, what more can you ask? (Don’t know where the guy below comes up with system hog)

  • 7 Gillespie

    Free, but that’s all it’s got going for it. It’s ugly, a system hog, and it’s detection rate is less than stellar.

    There are many better free AV programs, there is no place for this one in a crowded free AV market. My recomendation? AVast! (www.avast.com) Much better detection rate, not a system hog, and less ugly..

  • 8 similacrum

    avast ? please be reasonable guys , avg is all you can get for an antivirus software that’s free. i know the gui is from the flintstones but that’s the only thing you can count as a flaw and it’s low on system resources…if you want to pay for av use nod32 if you don’t want to pay use avg. it’s that simple

  • 9 Bradley

    AVG Free Edition. Absolutely the best Anti Virus software. It’s not a memory hog, catches -everything- that’s fishy, it’s FREE, auto updates..etc. My friends who work in the tech biz and in computer repair swore by it, and now I do, too.

  • 10 Eugene

    AVG user here, too. It doesn’t bog down the system, and has a funny little voice that comes up when it’s updated “Virus definitions have been updated”. Sounds all official. And stuff.

  • 11 CatFish

    I use AVG for quite sometime :)
    So far, no infection . . . and still fast and light.

  • 12 Shak 10

    i use avg on vista ultimate X64 and win7 Rc x64 no viruses for me.

  • 13 bigseb

    I’ve been using AVG for years and I’m quite happy with it… on AVG8.5 now…

    That said I don’t think any one AV will ever sufficient… so far I’ve been really lucky…

  • 14 pat

    I have been using AVG free for 6yrs, along with windows defender and adaware all free, and have had no problems so no need to change just for the sake of change.


  • 15 Antivirus

    While it is certainly a step up from Kaspersky, I think AVG still has a lot of ground to cover before they can compete with the big boys in this sector. With that said, I am a fan of their product and I am keeping a close eye on their progress.

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