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Avg.com Review

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8 responses so far!

  • 1 ecaep

    One of the safest sites on the net

  • 2 bj678

    fast detection rates, easy removal instructions on the anti virus (b4 i got mcafee which is still good).

  • 3 Brailyn93

    GOOD site GOOD anti-virus.

  • 4 mp2bx

    didn’t find anything wrong in AVG site.It´s a good site.And the AVG antivirus(8.0 free edition), works well for me until now.But don’t use with anothers antivirus protection cause may happen conflict.

  • 5 John boss

    A very trustable site to use no adware, spyware or popups so you can download a great software from here to save your PC from viruses.

  • 6 sharons

    Best freeware Antivirus/antispyware products you can get!

  • 7 622_2

    website is good and clean,but AVG free edition dosnt have firewall,which is the most important.

  • 8 Antivirus

    I run AVG on my home computer and, besides a couple of small complaints, it runs pretty flawlessly. I don’t think I would run this on a work computer, but for home users I think it is more than acceptable.

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